BRC debut, full-length album Extinction.

Big Rock Club is an eclectic, bad-ass 3-piece band that blurs multiple genres of rock.
"Cyclops" is a bluesy, rock and roll, slightly alternative jammer. The vocals are extremely strong and genuine - you swear that you've heard this band on the radio or something before. The drums are hard-hitting and sensitive to the song, while guitars are creative and ranging from distorted leads to phat rhythm parts. The band has a "psychedelic" or "jam" element present in their tunes, shown with the crazy rhythms and accentuations.
"Morning Light" is hard to classify, somewhere between Alice In Chains and the Smiths, with spacey elements that make the song seem a bit longer than its less-than 4-minute mark.
"Extinction" is an alternative rocker with tight drums, heavy guitars and aggressive vocals. Again, the band pulls off the mix of genres with a smooth authenticity missing from a lot of bands today. Guitar solos, riffs, consistent songwriting, and a strong band make Big Rock Club worth a listen.

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"With a mix of Modern Alt Rock and some vintage Rock & Roll undertones, Extinction has a crisp, big sound that showcases the excellent vocal work of Curtis Dressman. The songs are creatively constructed and have a Pop element (and occasional New Wave synth quirk) that would make them a perfect fit for the playlists of most big “Alternative Rock” radio stations, but the songs are never pandering. There’s some great guitar work on Extinction, as well, bringing to mind a mix of Chevelle and Kings of Leon. It’s well-crafted, pleasurable Arena Rock without all the pomp and circumstance and points to even greater things in Big Rock Club’s future." ( - CityBeat-Mike Breen

"I just discovered Big Rock Club last month and I must say that they represent a new sound distinct unto themselves while bridging blues, rock, and psychedelic. Their vocals have a haunting edge armed with original songwriting and a unique sound have been in my most played list for weeks. Extinction, Morning Light, and Ocean will vibrate your soul. Worth the listen! " LJ Fontana from WMRW FM in Vermont

Have you ever listened to an album and just … needed to smile? That’s what I felt when I finished spinning Big Rock Club’s new album, Extinction.
This father/son duo brings part rock, part funk, and all heart. The album thrives on creating grooves and melodies that get stuck in your head for days. The intricate guitar work and intelligent rhythmic designs ensure that this band sticks out above others in it’s strange “funk-rock” genre.
“Fire” is a standout track for me. It combines a Maroon Five style guitar progression with extremely tight rhythm and vocals. It’s a song that is sure to be repeated in my collection of favorite songs.
A tightly woven and intelligent listen, this genre smashing indie jam band is a great listen, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys some easily digestible quality music.
--The Professor, The Ripple Effect Music Blog

"Big Rock Club (Cincinnati area) is a seriously unique and extremely talented band. Their own "in a nutshell" description includes "Dinosaur Jr. meets The Cars" and we certainly agree. We'd like to add though, a bit of Foo Fighters, Replacements, Afghan Whigs and Plimsouls. Of course, Big Rock Club sounds most like Big Rock Club. And that's the best thing of all". -World Series Music Festival

 "The tunes are rife with rock, indie and plenty of influences to keep all you fans satiated whether you're sippin' a beer at the bar, or in front of the band, dancing your face off" Daniele Cusentino, Metromix



BRC's self-titled EP was among the top local CDs released in 2011 by Cincinnati's City Beat Magazine.